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Students interested in pursuing the PhD Program in Psychology should carefully read the admission requirements, the applicant profile, and routes to the PhD Psychology Program to ensure that they meet all the criteria required for pre-enrolment and enrolment.

You should also read about the seven lines of research of the PhD Program, as well as the research groups and teaching staff. Once you have found a subject of interest, you should make an appointment with one of the researchers or with the contact person for the research line you are interested in. The PhD Program coordinator can also provide information to better assess the match between the PhD student's interests and those of the research groups. This approach will help you choose a research topic and find a faculty member who could act as your tutor and/or direct your PhD thesis.

Once you are certain that you want to complete your PhD studies in the Doctorate Program in Psychology, you can proceed with pre-registration and subsequent enrollment.

Once accepted, you must formalize your enrollment as a PhD student. Enrollment will entitle you to academic mentoring and to use the resources of the Faculty of Psychology and the Doctorate School needed to conduct your work. You will enjoy all the rights accruing to students of Official PhD Programs. Students have to re-enroll each year and pay the corresponding fees to continue studying within the PhD thesis program.

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