Mobility and International Exchange Programs

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The mobility and exchange of PhD students is considered to be fundamental in that it allows them to enhance their research in different settings and with other work teams. Due to the relevance given in the Psychology PhD Program to the interaction of students with research groups from other universities and countries, the PhD program includes stays in other centers as a core supplementary activity. This activity is mandatory, providing that funds can be obtained for it.


The center chosen for the stay should be decided by mutual agreement between the student and the director or tutor of the thesis. They must report it to the Academic Committee in writing. The report should include the subject and research activities the PhD student will conduct at the center, why the chosen center is suitable for the student’s research, an estimation of the duration of the stay, and how it will be funded. Based on this report and, if required, on interviews with the student and the director/tutor, the Academic Committee will decide whether or not to authorize the research stay on the dates and in the location indicated. Once the student returns from the stay, they must provide a report of the activities conducted. The report will be included in the activities records (DA) report to be evaluated during the annual follow-up.


In many cases, the thesis of students who stayed in a foreign research center may be entitled to an International Doctorate mention or to a co-tutorship arrangement. For a thesis to be accepted as co-tutored, the stay has to be a minimum of 9 months.


It will be responsibility of the PhD student, with the help of the director/tutor, to find and apply for scholarships and funds that would allow them to finance their research stay during the PhD program. The Doctorate School of the University of Malaga provides students with updated information on calls and available scholarships.


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