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Student Resources

The PhD Psychology Program provides PhD students and teachers with resources from the University of Malaga (UMA) or the Faculty of Psychology and Speech Therapy. These resources are aimed at supporting learning and research activities during the PhD program. These resources include the following: 

Teaching resources

The UMA Faculty of Psychology and Speech Therapy provides the facilities and infrastructures needed for the development and supplementary activities of PhD students. Computer rooms, meeting rooms, and conference rooms are also available.The available classrooms and workshop spaces are equipped with materials and technology to run courses, seminars, and presentations.  The University of Malaga also makes available to PhD students and faculty members other shared services, such as the e-Campus. The e-Campus is a Moodle-based e-learning platform developed by Malaga University’s E-learning Services (Servicio de Enseñanza Virtual y Laboratorios Tecnológicos). Any education program that includes e-teaching modules is run via the UMA e-Campus to improve access to teaching and learning resources and the coordination of activities ( The PhD program also has available a Classroom with Advanced Technology (Aula de docencia avanzada [ADA]), which includes advanced video conferencing, collaborative e-teamwork, and tele-teaching. The ADA has a team of IT experts who provide essential technical support to ADA users. 

Research teams 

The research teams involved in the PhD Program have access to specific equipment for research that will be available to PhD students. More information about the teams in each research line of the Program can found below:

The research teams involved in the PhD Program have access to specific equipment for research that will be available to PhD students. More information about the teams in each research line of the Program can found below:

Biological Basis of Behavior

>Neuropsychopharmacology applied to neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders

>Psychosomatic and Applied psychobiology

>Experimental psychopharmacology

> Neuropsychopharmacology (Biomedical Research Institute of Malaga, IBIMA)

Basic processes in Psychology

>Causal cognition group

>Causal cognition group

>Mind Lab: Individual differences in cognition, emotion, and emotion regulation

>Emotion Lab

> Applied Positive Lab

Methodological applications in Social and Health Sciences

>Data analysis group

>Epidemiological and psychometric models

Developmental and educational psychology

>Infant and child neuropsychology

>Ales-Down group

>Learning difficulties and developmental disorders

>Research and interventions in intellectual giftedness (Mentorac)

>Leeduca group

Psychology and Social intervention

>Adoption and foster care group

>Community and organization intervention and quality of life

>21st Century challenges group

Clinical and health psychology

>Andalusian psychosocial research group (GAP)

>Chronic pain research group

>Evaluating social and psychological intervention programs

>Biopsychosocial aspects of diabetes study group

> Applied Positive Lab

Physical activity, performance, management, and health Psychology

>Evaluation in natural contexts: sports and consumerism

>Sports psychology research unit

>Physiotherapy and disability


Research laboratories

PhD Program students have access to the laboratories of the research teams from the UMA Faculty of Psychology and Speech Therapy. The catalog of laboratories, rules and regulations, and lab allocation can be found at the following link:

> Research laboratories of the Faculty of Psychology and Speech Therapy

Common-use rooms for research-related activities

These rooms can be requested and used by any research team for research-related activities such as clinical interviews, data processing, questionnaire storage, and interviews.


General Research Services at the University of Malaga

Students who conduct research using experimental animals can use the Animal Experimentation Unit, which includes everything needed for this type of research.

All PhD students, especially those who do research in psychobiology, have at their disposal the Central Research Support Services, SCAI (  The SCAI offers PhD students excellent experimental and research support facilities.


Library and Document management resources

The Library of the Faculty of Psychology and Speech Therapy provides free access to scientific publications, including a periodicals library, and to work rooms for researchers and working groups. At the library, PhD students can access the online catalog of the UMA Library, databases, books, electronic journals, and the library system of Andalusia. PhD students also have online and physical access to any other scientific library and journals database at UMA.


Other resources available to PhD students

Photocopying and DTP services.

Offices and meeting rooms.

Laptops and multimedia carts.

Wifi internet access. 

Access to software licenses.

An E-mail account.

University Counseling service

University employability and entrepreneurship Service

International presence and exchanges


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