Line of research: Psychology and social intervention

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This line of research brings together researchers investigating different aspects of social and community psychology. Research is organized around the following topics:

  •  Quality of life and community and organizational intervention 
  •  Psychosocial intervention in developing countries 
  • Intervention and research on adoption and foster care 
  • Psychosocial assessment and intervention in vulnerable populations 


This line of research is headed by nine faculty members. Their experience is demonstrated by their contributions to numerous scientific publications, the development of PhD theses, and their participation in publicly funded research projects awarded by competive calls.




Luis Gómez Jacinto 

University of Malaga

María Isabel Hombrados Mendieta 

University of Malaga

Miguel Ángel García Martín 

University of Malaga

Patricia García Leiva

University of Malaga

María Jesús Fuentes Rebollo

University of Malaga

Isabel Bernedo Muñoz

University of Malaga

Jesús M. Canto Ortiz

University of Malaga

María Ángeles Peláez Fernández

University of Malaga

María Pilar Moreno Jiménez

University of Malaga


Labs associated with this line of research

>Adoption and foster care group

> Quality of life and community and organizational intervention

>21st Century challenge group


Active projects and recent publications

  • Title: Aplicación de un programa de intervención psicoeducativa para mejorar las visitas entre los niños acogidos y sus familias biológicas (Applying a psychoeducational intervention to improve visits between foster children and biological parents). Reference: EDU2016 77094-P. Funded by: Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Competitivity (MINECO). Plan Nacional de I+D+i . Duration: 01/01/2018 - 01/01/2020. Main researcher: María Jesús Fuentes Rebollo and Isabel María Bernedo Muñoz. Number of participating researchers: 7. Participating Institutions: University of Malaga
  • Title: Psychosocial factors of radicalisation and extremism in young immigrants. Reference: PSI2017-85941-R. Funded by: Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Competitivity (MINECO). Plan Nacional de I+D+i . Duration: 01/01/2018 - 01/01/2021. Head researcher: María Isabel Hombrados Mendieta. Number of participating researchers: 6. Participating institutionsUniversity of Malaga


>Bernedo, I. M., Salas, M. D., Fuentes, M. J., & García-Martín, M. A. Foster children's behavior problems and impulsivity in the family and school context. Children and Youth Services Review. 2014. 42: 43-49. IF JCR = 1.105. JCR ranking = Q1(10/40).

>Hombrados-Mendieta I, García-Martín MA, Gómez-Jacinto L. The Relationship Between Social Support, Loneliness, and Subjective Well-Being in a Spanish Sample from a Multidimensional Perspective. Social Indicators Research. 2013. 114(3): 1013–1034. IF JCR = 1.452. JCR ranking = Q1(12/93).

>Casado F, Hidalgo, MC, García-Leiva P. Energy efficiency in households: The effectiveness of different types of messages in advertising campaigns. Journal of Environmental Psychology. Journal of Environmental Psychology. 2017. 53: 198-205. IF JCR = 3.494. JCR ranking = Q1(12/105).

>Rey L, Extremera N, Peláez-Fernández MA. Linking social support to psychological distress in the unemployed: The moderating role of core self-evaluations. Social Indicators Research. 2016. 127(1): 435–445.  doi: 10.1007/s11205-015-0958-x. IF JCR = 1.743. JCR ranking = Q1(15/96).


If you would like further information on this line of research, please get in touch with María Isabel Hombrados Mendieta (; member of the Academic Commission for the Doctorate Program).


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