Line of research: Methodological applications in social and health sciences

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The faculty members working in this line of research have ample experience of developing innovative methodological applications in the field of psychology. The faculty members conduct research on the following topics: 

  • Development and adaptation of psychometric tests in Social and Health Sciences
  • Psychological strength, stress, and coping in different populations (adolescents, caregivers of people with dementia, people diagnosed with breast cancer, etc.)
  • Risk factors in neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Students' self-regulation and expectations during their learning experience
  • Statistical simulation in the social and health sciences

This line of research is headed by four faculty members. Their experience is demonstrated by their contributions to numerous scientific publications, the development of PhD theses, and their participation in competitive publicly-funded research projects.




María José Blanca Mena 

University of Malaga

Dolores López Montiel 

University of Malaga

Roser Bono Cabré 

University of Barcelona

Rafael Alarcón Postigo 

University of Malaga

Daniel Mateos Moreno

University of Malaga


Labs associated with this line of research 

>The data analysis group 

>Epidemiological and psychometric models 


Ongoing projects and recent publications

Title: Impacto de la violacion de los supuestos en el analisis de datos con medidas repetidas: simulacion monte carlo y aplicaciones. [Impact of assumption violation in repeated measures data analysis: the Montecarlo simulation and its applications.] 

Reference: PID2020-113191GB-I00.

Funded by: Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. 

Duration: 2021-2025

Head researchers: María J. Blanca


Title: Grup d’Estudis d’Invariància dels Instruments de Mesura i Anàlisi del Canvi en els Àmbits Socials i de la Salut (GEIMAC) seleccionado como Grupo de Investigación Reconocido por la Generalitat de Catalunya


>Cerezo, M. V., Soria, L., Alarcón, R., & Blanca, M. J. (2022). The Satisfaction with Life Scale in breast cancer patients: Psychometric properties. International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, 22(1), 71-80. JCR (2020): IF: 5.35. Quartile 1 Category: Psychology, Clinical (14/131).

>Alarcón, R., Jiménez, E. P., & de Vicente-Yagüe, M. I. (2020). Development and validation of the DIGIGLO, a tool for assessing the digital competence of educators. British Journal of Educational Technology, 51(6), 2407-2421. JCR Social Sciences (2020). IF: 4.929. Quartile 1 Category: Education & Educational Research (19/264).

>Ferragut, M., Ortiz-Tallo, M., & Blanca, M. J. (2021). Prevalence of child sexual abuse in Spain: A representative sample study. Journal of Interpersonal Violence JCR (2020): IF: 6.144. Quartile 1 Category: Psychology, Applied (14/83), Criminology & Penology (4/69).

>García-Castro, F. J., Alba, A., & Blanca, M. J. (2021). The role of character strengths in predicting gains in informal caregivers of dementia. Aging & Mental Health, 25(1), 32-37. JCR (2020): IF: 3.658. Quartile 1 Category: Gerontology (8/46).

>Núñez-Peña, M. I., & Bono, R. (2021). Math anxiety and perfectionistic concerns in assessment through multiple-choice exams. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, 46(6), 865-878. JCR (2020), IF=4.984, Q1 (Education & Educational Research, 15/264).

>Alarcón, R., Cerezo, M. V., Hevilla, S., & Blanca, M. J. (2020). Psychometric properties of the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale in women with breast cancer. International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology20(1), 81-89. (2020): IF: 5.35. Quartile 1 Category: Psychology, Clinical (14/131

>Blanca, M. J., Alarcón, R., Arnau, J., Bono, R., & Bendayan, R. (2018). Effect of variance ratio on ANOVA robustness: Might 1.5 be the limit? Behavior Research Methods50(3)937-962. JCR (2018): IF: 4.063. Quartile 1 Category: Psychology, Mathematical (1/13).

(Latest update: February, 2022)

If you would like further information on this line of research, please get in touch with María José Blanca Mena: (; member of the Academic Committee for the PhD Program).



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