Grants and Scholarships

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The University of Malaga (UMA) offers scholarships to doctoral students via three routes:

1. Becas y ayudas ofertadas por el Centro Internacional de Posgrado y Escuela de Doctorado (Vicerrectorado de Estudios de Posgrado). The regulations governing grants and scholarships can be found at: Plan de ayudas para los estudiantes de doctorado de la Universidad de Málaga. In line with the UMA's strategy to improve its international profile and increase quality scientific production, the objective of these grants and scholarships is to improve the quality of PhD theses conducted at the UMA. They are granted in the following circumstances:

  • Thesis graded as Cum Laude
  • Thesis defended in 3 years
  • Thesis counting with the participation of private companies
  • Thesis conducted within the framework of the International Excellence Campus (Andalucía Tech)
  • Thesis awarded the International Doctorate Mention
  • Thesis conducted under a co-tutorship framework

2. I Plan Propio de Investigación y Transferencia. The regulations governing these financial aids include scholarships for doctoral students or graduates of PhD Programs.

  • Predoctoral contracts
  • Scholarships for postdoctoral faculty or researchers (bridge contracts and postdoctoral contracts)
  • Scholarships contracts for new doctorate faculty
  • Funding to participate in scientific congresses (provided that you have the status of Research Personnel in Training)

3. I Plan Propio Integral de Docencia de la Universidad de Málaga. The regulations include several lines of funding for PhD Programs, including specific funding for doctoral students:

  •  Funding for PhD Programs
    •  Cross-education for PhD students
    •  Alignment of doctorates with the PECA plan (Plan for Excellence, Coordination, and Support to Public Universities of Andalusia)
  •  Support for teaching management
    •  Support for the management of PhD programs
  •  Support for the management of the Quality Assurance system (QAS)
    •  Support for the management of the UMA’s QAS and Doctorate School (ED-UMA)
  •  Teaching Counseling and Consultancy
    •  Skills training to improve student employability
    •  Entrepreneurship and innovation training programs
  •  Doctoral theses conducted in collaboration with private and public bodies
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